Refrigerated Air Dryers

RDP Series

RDP Series Operating pressure 16 / 14 bar MODEL Air flow Operating pressure Power supply Dimensions Air connections Condensate drain Refrigerant CODE Nm³/h scfm bar f/V/Hz W [mm] L [mm] H [mm] RDP 20 20 11,76 16 1/230/50 358 455 604 G 3/8’’ BSP-F EMD R 134a 2057023 RDP 35 35 20,59 16 1/230/50 358 […]

Oil & Water separator

WOS Series

WOS Series (Water Oil Separators) Operating temp. range 1,5 to 45 °c REMARK– Prices are for housings only (with water quality test kit). Remarks:– Both elements are required. Due to constant engineering improvements data is subject to change Download Catalogue WOS Series (Water Oil Separators) Operating temp. range 1,5 to 45 °c WOS MODEL Flow […]

Other products / Services

Typical Layout

Reference examples of piping General pneumatic pipe Application General pneumatic line: solenoid valve, air cylinder, pneumatic machine, pneumatic tools General automation process control line Supply of general painting and instrumentation air Highly Clean Pneumatic Pipe Application Supply of air for medical and food industries (testing, transportation, agitation, drying, packaging) Ultra precision industries: watch, camera, […]

Other products / Services

Compressed air Validation & Consulting

Compressed air validation & Consulting Do not worry about compressed air validation any more! COAIRE Machinery performsdirect validation and consulting on compressed air systems based on diverse experience and professional human resources. What is Validation? DefinitionValidation is “to systematically investigate, review and document whether processes, facilities and systems are performing intended functions”. “Validated” means that […]

Compressor Accessories

Air Filters

Air Filter Aluminium Compressed Air Filters Operating pressure 16 bar REMARK– B filter element can be cleared with ultrasonic bath or with back flushing. Intervals of cleaning depends of application.If necessary replace filter element with new one.– Filter elements ’’A, A2, H2’’, must be changed periodically to suit application, but at least every 6 months.Activated […]

Management System

Touch Management System

Touch Management System Characteristics of Touch Management System (Touch Type) 5.7″ large sized touch screen Operation state can be checked at a glance with easy control Diverse control functions(alternate operation, sequential control, identical operation time control, standby) Individual operation in local mode Multilingual support(Korean, English, Chinese, Russian)for convenient use in foreign countries Excellent energy reduction […]

Management System

PC monitoring System

PC monitoring System SCREW Monitoring System Technical Characteristics  Outline SCREW MONITORING SYSTEM is a system for central monitoring and control for multiple Regular SCREW and VSD SCREW compressors. It allows to monitor the status of the compressors and operate from one control point using RS485 network. Screw Monitoring System The number of compressors that can […]

Major Application


Dental Kyunwon oil free scroll provides clean air to your dental clinic. World best lower noise level never makes you and patient inconvenient Moving wheel installed for easy moving and installation (option) Compact design for easy installation and space saving More than 20 distributors all over the world Kyungwon oil free scroll technology provides best […]



COAIRE in Railway Field Coaire is one of the first companies in the world to accomplish perfection in Oil free scroll air compressors. perfection in Oil free scroll air compressors.Oil free compressed air is the aim for every application. Coaire is actively involved in transport and railways segments in South Korea. They have jointly developed […]