PC monitoring System

SCREW Monitoring System Technical Characteristics 


SCREW MONITORING SYSTEM is a system for central monitoring and control for multiple Regular SCREW and VSD SCREW compressors. It allows to monitor the status of the compressors and operate from one control point using RS485 network.

Screw Monitoring System
  • The number of compressors that can be connected
    • KMC MONITORING 6: upto 6 compressors
    • KMC MONITORING 12: upto 12 compressors
  • Types of compressors that can be connected: Regular Screw and VSD Screw
  • Compressor Controller Type: KSS-050V series only [SYSTEM LOCK Function is needed]
  • Communication Signal Type
    • RS485 MODBUT RTU protocol
    • Signal speed: 4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4 kbps
    • Recommended connector cable: TBELDEN 9842 (wisted-shield cable)
  • Control scope
    • Monitoring the status of compressors: Temperature, Pressure, Operation mode
    • Remote START/STOP of compressors: START/STOP of a compressor visa RS485 network
    • View and Change settings of compressor controllers
Requirements for the PC
  • HDD Memory above 10MB / RAM 7MB
  • Display over 1152*768 pixels
  • Communication Network Port RS232 or USB (Converter RS485-RS232 or RS485-USB is needed