COAIRE in Railway Field

Coaire is one of the first companies in the world to accomplish perfection in Oil free scroll air compressors.

perfection in Oil free scroll air compressors.
Oil free compressed air is the aim for every application. Coaire is actively involved in transport and railways segments in South Korea. They have jointly developed compressed air solutions with Korean Rail Road Research Institute for electric buses and Light Rails. They are currently involved in such projects arround the world.

Scroll technology uses very less components and is more reliable than any other type of compressors. They have very less consumables and have longer service interval. Oil injected or lubricated compressor inherits all the oil related complications. Coaire Oil free Scroll compressors are perfect for Electric buses and Light rails.

Coaire has various solutions for Railways. We offer Oil injected screws, Oil free scrolls. Most of Railways have their own design requirement and they are very demanding. Coaire’s team works around the same to give them the right solution. The trend is now that rail ways are moving towards oil free solutions. Coaire is also working towards that goal.

Our oil injected screw for railways have following Features:

Durable robust Design.

Durable robust Design.

Compact design.

Low vibration

Low oil carry over.

Lower sound levels

Direct drive.

Easy to install.

Longer life and maintenance interval