Introduction of Technical Research Institute

The technical research institute was launch in 1968 with the foundation of Kyungwon Machinery. It successfully developed the first domestic reciprocating compressor in 1969, By developing the first screw airend, a core part of the screw compressor, through technical affiliation with SRM of Sweden in 1986, the institute introduced a completely domestic screw compressor for the first time.

As Kyungwon Machinery was split off from Century as a professional air compressor company in 2001, the institute was developed. into an annexed. research institute of Kyungwon Machinery that possesses research personnel corresponding to 159, of overall members, In 2004, the Institute succeeded in development and commercialization of the third oil-free scroll airend in the world, first in the nation.

Research activities of the institute were continue., and the institute independently developed rotor profile, a source technology of screw compressor, in 2008 to obtain domestic and overseas patents for the latest 5th generation “a” profile. This allows. COAIRE Machinery to become a leader of domestic air compressor industry, both in name and reality.

Technical research institute of Kyungwon Machinery is ceaselessly conducting research and development to secure core technologies to Iead the future compressor market, It pursues perfect product development using 5-step quality verification system including analysis of product needs, development, design, manufacture and testing.

Composition and major tasks of technical research institute


Fields of Research

  • Oil-free Screw Compressor
  • Oil-free Scroll Compressor
  • Oil-free Reciprocating Compressor.
  • Oil flooded Reciprocating Compressor
Fields of Business
  • Package Design
  • Flow Simulation
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Noise & Vibration Analysis
  • Oil-free Air System & Solution
  • Main Part Reliability Analysis


Fields of Research

  • Oil flood. Screw Compressor
Fields of Business
  • Flow Simulation & Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Cooling air / Fan Test
  • Pre. separation simulation
  • Oil thermal stability Test
  • Heat Exchanger Selection
  • Compressor Valve Parts
  • Noise & Vibration Analysis
  • Oil injection Air System & Solution
  • Main Part Reliability Analysis


Fields of Research

  • Screw Air-end
  • Scroll Air-end
  • Reciprocating Air-end
Fields of Business
  • Screw Rotor Profile
  • Scroll Wrap
  • Profile Cutter
  • Sealing System
  • Air-end Lubrication System
  • Performance Test


Fields of Research

  • Compressor Control Logic & Electric Part
Fields of Business
  • Compressor Controller
  • Compressor System & Management
  • Compressor System Control
  • Compressor Air Demand Analysis
  • Electric Part Reliability Analysis

Major Performances of COAIRE Technical Research Institute

Developed the nation's first reciprocating air compressor [oil-free, oil-flooded]
Developed and released the nation's first screw air compressor through technical affiliation with SRM, Sweden
Developed scroll gas compressor and 2-stage screw gas compressor Received IR52 Jang Young Shil Award
Constructed annexed research institute of Kyungwon Machinery
Developed the nation's first oil free scroll air compressor [3rd in the world]
Developed and released screw & scroll package TA5 series
Developed 2-step high pressure screw air compressor [20bar, as a project of small and medium Business Administration] Oil free scroll compossor- Obtained ISO 8573-1 Class "0" Certification
Developed and released screw & scroll package NEW series
Registered domestic and overseas patents for screw profile named "α" profile
Developed scroll air compressor for electric buses
Developed the nation's first 30bar high pressure screw air compressor for starting ship engines

Possessed facilities and programs

Possessed Facilities

  • Laboratory at research institute
  • Screw Dynamo Tester
  • Scroll Dynamo Tester
  • Large Screw Test Unit
  • Basic Performance Tester [SCREW, SCROLL, RECIPROCATING]


  • AutoCAD
  • Solid-works
  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanical
  • Autodesk Simulation CFD
  • Screw Rotor Profile Design Program
  • Scroll Profile Design Program
  • Cutter Design Program
  • Gear Design ProgramEtc