Fast and Affordable Air Compressors

Coaire is one of the first companies in the world to accomplish perfection in Oil free scroll air compressors.
Air compressors

It includes Oil Lubricated, Oil Free etc

Management System

It includes Touch Management System, PC monitoring System

Compressor Accessories

It includes Air Filters, After Cooler, Refrigerated Air Dryers


For many years, Coaire has brought innovative and cost effective solutions to our valued customers. We offer oil-less compressors that are not only quiet and efficient, Because we care for the environment. We are proud to be green. Check Out Below why COAIRE is Different

Easy to use

Since COAIRE compressor are compact compared to others, our compressors are easy to use.


COAIRE compressors many adventages compared with other compressors, still our compressors are more Powerfull

Eco friendly

We developed the oil free compressor technology mainly for this reason ,It is Eco Friendly.

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