COAIRE in Medical Field

Coaire Compressors has been manufacturing Air compressors for over 50 Years Air compressor brand that is making its strides into new segments and technology

COAIRE is one of the name that flashes to the customers’ set name for solutions in compressed air. Coaire is a common name in the Far East and Americas. They are now spreading it wings into Middle East and India. Coaire head quartered in South Korea and with subsidiaries in United States of America and United Arab Emirates, is poised to take on new regions and new applications.

They have a state of the art manufacturing facility that follows all the industrial standards. People first is the policy of Coaire. They have committed engineers who are in search of new technologies and new areas of improvements in compressed air technologies. They also have a few patents pending.

Coaire is one of the few companies that have, the know how to manufacture oil free scroll airends. Oil free air is a must for various applications like medical air, Lab instruments, Oxygen generators, etc.

We can offer following types of compressors:

Oil Free Scroll

Oil Injected Screw

Oil free screw

Piston Oil free and lubricated

Above compressors are offered in different configurations as per customer’s applications.

Reason why Oil free air is preferred in Medical application

Why others are not preffered
  • Less expensive but High maintenance coast
  • Contains impurities
  • Huge amount of heat is generated while working
  • Due to heat lifespan of spares decreases
  • Less efficient
  • Difficult to clean and Service
Why Oil Free!?
  • Scroll does not have oil system hence no any oil-based issues
  • So, no oil leakages
  • Compressed high degree hot air is cooled to 10-degree C so better for medical purpose
  • Power Efficient
  • Power Saver
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • No contamination or pollutants