Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers
Operating pressure4 to 16 bar

– pre-filter with automatic drain AOK16B and manometer MDM 40,
– after-filter with manual drain MCD and manometer MDM 40.
– Siemens LOGO controller.

(¹) Refers to 1 bar(a) and 20 °C at 7 bar operating pressure , inlet temperature 35 °C and pressure dew point at outlet —40 °C
(²) Outlet flow refers to typical assumption during regeneration phase for operating at nominal inlet flow conditions. Outlet flow includes average air losses of approximately 17,3 %.
* If dryer is supplied without inlet filter compressed air class 1 (ISO 8753-1) for solid particles and oil should be provided to the inlet of the dryer.

Sensor set for O2, CO and CO2

Due to constant engineering improvements data is subject to change